Summary of my feelings towards G20 protestors.

A small excerpt from an IRC conversation:

[12:03] FreeFrag AMBULANCE officers say the G20 protests in Melbourne this weekend are the most violent the city has ever seen. <–Capsicum spray dropped by chopper will fix it.

[12:03] arkenstone FreeFrag: Napalm dropped by chopper would be better.

[12:04] arkenstone Would anyone really miss 3 or 4 thousand arts students?

[12:04] FreeFrag arkenstone, at least mine is *remotely* possible

[12:04] FreeFrag Hah, exactly.

[12:04] arkenstone 🙂

[12:04] FreeFrag Fucking useless smelly tree hugging hippies



2 Responses to “Summary of my feelings towards G20 protestors.”

  1. Baino Says:

    will you pull your proverbial finger out and write something intersting. No posts since November 16! You are a lazy bastard. I’m coming over to throw something at you.

  2. Baino Says:

    or interesting even . . .

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