So Optus just knocked on the door

So Pravesh from Optus just came to the door. He had good news! He wanted to book my upgrade from resold-Telstra copper to the Optus HFC network.

I declined.

“But sir, it’s cheaper and more reliable! You can then get OptusCable broadband at 9.9megabit!”

He asked me what I was paying. I told him around $110 a month (8mbit 40gig soho plan – SAGE discount)

I explained I had a business (Alright, it’s SOHO but I’d already confused the guy by using abbreviations such as HFC and PSTN) plan at 8megabit and under no circumstances did I want to change provider.

He told me that ADSL1 is only 1.5 megabit. Not true! I explained to poor Pravesh.

He said they were upgrading everyone in the street and he didn’t know what to do if someone refused the upgrade.

I told him if they (Optus) tried to upgrade me to HFC I’d move my home phone to Telstra. He asked me what was so special about Internode (he’d not heard of them before) and I said quality.

He went on for a while about how expensive it was and how Optus was so much cheaper. I went on for a while about how amazingly shit Optus’s international traffic routing and contention is.

He left a little confused.

I do wonder though just how many people the big telco’s (Optus, Telstra, etc.) manage to convert with these walk-up-to-the-door promising upgrades and less cost deals…

I’m safe, for now.


One Response to “So Optus just knocked on the door”

  1. GoAwayPlease Says:

    you ask how many people fall for the lies told by Telstra and Optus ?
    Plenty of us.
    I switched to optus special broadband offer which they then could not supply for 6 months, now I am on speed-limited (count to 30 after every keystroke before I see result on screen) because I used up my allowance (in the fine fine print).

    My friend was cold called by telstra and lured away from Primus. She asked them to verify that her existing bonuses would not change but they did. her previous capped at $1.70 calls to me in the country came in a t $42 and $40 on her first bill and she went into shock. got more lies when she called them to discuss it. like banks, we hate em all.

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