Welcome to wordpress.

So this is wordpress. Welcome, I guess, to what is potentially the 10th or so incarnation of arkspage, or more recently: kahlerisms.

WordPress seems to be the shit when compared to previous CMSs I’ve used such as Geeklog.

Ta da!

Still Playing – This might not even still be here come the weekend, but I’ve gotta test this shit anyway 🙂


6 Responses to “Welcome to wordpress.”

  1. So blog something then! Looks like I’m your only reader so why have a blog at all?

  2. So blog then . . .seeing as I’m your only reader

  3. It won’t let me comment . . .

  4. kahlerisms Says:

    Test test.

  5. kahlerisms Says:

    Nasty errors.

  6. Ha ha . . .testing testing, uno dos tres!
    I am going to learn Spanish next Semester. Dos Cervesas por favor

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