Brilliance BS6 scores one star in crash tests but will still go on sale in Australia.

That previous crash vid I posted reminded me of this article:,20384,22104821-21822,00.html

“Brilliance BS6 scores one star in crash tests but will still go on sale in Australia.New cars as cheap as $10,990 are about to zoom into the Australian market.Chinese models will be leading the way and are expected to shake up the local motoring scene, the way Korean cars did in the 1990s and Japanese makes in the 1970s.Budget-priced vehicles are also coming from India, Italy, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.China has hundreds of car makers with names such as Chery, Geely, Great Wall Motor, Nanjing, Hafei, Zhongxing, Zhonghua, Brilliance China and Shanghai Automotive.However, some of the Chinese models have fared poorly in European crash testing. The Brilliance BS6 sedan got only one star out of a possible five when tested last month, while an SUV Landwind made by Jiangling Motors scored a zero.

It was the worst result in 20 years of testing.”

Crash test videos after the jump.

Video of the BS6 here:

And the SUV ‘LandWind’ here:

Lucky he’s got that airbag, eh?!

Check out how they get the dummy out of the Landwind in this next clip:


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