This is interesting.

Congresscritters try to survive on $21 in food stamps for a week 

I found the above article today – I thought it was interesting. I know it’s a little old but I kinda liked the sentiment behind it anyway… For the record I’m not super anti-American. I don’t hate anything and everything American purely because it is.

Infact, the whole anti-American thing probably makes me a little more tolerant of America – I have to question if what I’m reading/seeing/learning is the truth or somewhat tainted by the current trend of anti-Americanism.

Anyway, as well as being an interesting article, the Safeway logo is also the old Safeway logo we used to have before our local Safeway started trying super hard to be more Woolworths than Safeway (Having “The Fresh Food People” bigger than your brand name might be seen as an ususual marketing tactic).

Anyway, I had stuff to say about this article when I found it – I’ve forgotton it now, but I’m sharing anyway.

I discovered Dave still keeps a blog today. Unfortunately most of it’s friends only (for no real reason that I can identify) so I can’t link to it, but I’ll discuss some of it’s limited content on here in the near future.

Keep Puffin’ Muffins!


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