New stuffs

Site back up! I was careless and let expire.

Meanwhile, I just got so it redirects here now too.

You can even mail me @


I have more but it took me longer than i expected to setup my vhosts.

I’ve still not got the vhosting set up as cleanly as I’d like – I think the redirect is unnessecary but I haven’t figured out how to avoid it yet.

More coming soon, I promise!

Remind me to talk about foofpod cable turtles and Oakley’s newest addition to my geek-bag project.



2 Responses to “New stuffs”

  1. Welcome back and I’m glad you’ve got a new email, the old one used to bounce sometimes. Awwww . . .buying a little sleeping baggy waggy for your i poddy woddy? I could do with some cable turtles thoug but they don’t make them in blue or yellow, they’d just clash with my decor dahling!

  2. Reminder about the oakley thing.

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