I’d like to thank the networks.

Urgh. I’m starting to really hate the free to air networks.
It’s not bad enough that most of them are too arrogant to even broadcast an EPG to my digital STB – it’s more their scheduling. It’s just no longer convenient. Who wants to come home and have what they’re watching dictated to them? That’s like.. oppressive and shit.

So, I like to get my shows via other means. Recently I found a little app that makes it easier than ever. It’s called TvShows. It’s really pretty cool – you open it up and it’s got a list of like a kazillion TV Shows. You click on one, hit ‘subscribe’ and it’ll prompt you for the last episode you watched – you tell it and then it does the rest!

As soon as the next episode is seeded it’ll launch your bittorrent client and automagically download it for you. How awesome’s that?

Legalities aside, for such a simple app it sure is one of my favorite things.


One Response to “I’d like to thank the networks.”

  1. Yaya. Thanks for the tag. I enjoyed watching the latest episode of Top Gear at yours!

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