Bikes, better-friends and bullshit.

So, I’m feeling somewhat angsty and may even delete this later- but hey what are blogs for if not for venting?

I’m becoming increasingly aware of a ‘too-busy’ mentality within my little social circle.

Perhaps I need a different social circle.

I’m increasingly finding I’m neglected from invitations to events – often apparently ostracised for my choice in transport of all things – hey, atleast it’s a decent excuse.

Others have commitments like wives and (increasingly) kids and stuff – some just don’t like sitting around a barbie eating good meat, drinking beer and listening to Gold.

My position was even been usurped in the world of RPGs last year – and it wasn’t as if I didn’t try to be involved. I played frequently, ran a teamspeak server, bought and hosted domain names – yet I felt I was still the N00b.

Bah. I’m an only child and thoroughly enjoy my own company. I Enjoy my blogging and my gaming and my downloading and tv-epsidode watching and guitar hero and so on – but the apathy is perhaps what I’m becoming more sensitive to.

I am alone. I am utterly alone *

(Couldn’t really finish without an 80s movie reference, could I?)


2 Responses to “Bikes, better-friends and bullshit.”

  1. Awww . . .friends take work. It rubs both ways . . .all part of growing up kiddo. Maybe it’s time you joined the ‘club’ and got busy yourself and don’t be obtuse, you know exactly what I’m talking about!

  2. sitting around a barbie eating good meat, drinking beer and listening to Gold! where do i sign up?

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