Weekend Roundup

So this is one of my few (recently at least) actually bloggy this-is-what-I’ve-been-doing kinda posts. It’s SOOOO big I put after the break.

Do people like that? Or does it bother you that you have to click another time?

Let me know. I think I’m in the latter category.

Friday night was an early one – even though it was Lenore’s birthday. One of my best mates (certainly the most honest) from work left rather abruptly.

He was retrenched with a bunch of other people on the Thursday – told he was finishing up on the Friday.

So we had a big lunch – certainly the longest I can recall with my time at my current job – Went to lunch around 12:05 and I got back to the orifice around 15:40. Was good lunch – wasn’t in the mood much to work afterwards.

Went to the farewell of a guy I really couldn’t stand at 16:00 – had more beer, then we had once-a-month-Friday-night-drinks from about 17:00 where I had a small coke and a small sprite.

Met up with Lenore and got a train to the car, then drove home (which I’m still not absolutely convinced I should’ve done).

Got home, played a song or two of guitar hero (I’m starting to establish myself on medium now) – then Mum rocked up as I’d promised to take her to her work Christmas party so she could indulge a little – she was then gunna stay at mine and go to work from there.

Anyway, after trying my first smoked salmon and caper pizza (not as good as normal smoked salmon and capers) we picked mum up, she came home, I fell asleep during Transformers for a second time (though got much further) and that was that.

Saturday awoke to Mum saying she forgot her shirt so had to go home to Seaford anyway (sigh), I got up myself and having had our working bee on Sunday cancelled looked up the ‘Cars of the World‘ show which was on in Mt Eliza this Sunday.

After that Lenore went out to get a pedicure (urgh it sounds HORRIBLE) with her sister, and I stayed home and played Sims2.

Don’t really remember the rest of Saturday – I cooked Lenore and I Picanha and she made a nice almost-caesar salad before we sat down to watch Batman Beings.

I managed to fall asleep again and Lenore sent me to bed around 23:30.

Sunday woke late – too late to get to Beaumaris and join the convoy of awesome cars down to Mt Eliza. Had to go to the market at some point so fucked around for an  hour or so before dragging my arse into gear and off to the markets.

Had to go to the market to buy the old man a hat. We’ve attending a funeral on Tuesday and since the radiotherapy made him bald, he’s been getting around in beanies and berets for the past couple of months – I bought him a black Tilley (I think that’s what it’s called anyway). Actually Lenore bought it as I’m amazingly broke. I really woulda quite liked one, too.

Anyway, after doing that (oh, it was a bargain at $35, too) I bought a pair of sunnies ($15 – better than my last $15 pair) we got a bratwurst with cheese and onion and German mustard and a bit too much sourkrout and then went for a wander through the deli where we bought an assortment of stuffed olives.  Post-market I drove home (the car needs radiator love – too hot in Melbourne traffic in this heat) and as we pulled into the drive way, Garreth was here picking up the lawn mower.

A quick sit around and the discussion got onto the heat and Garreth suggest a swim at Dot’s.

A quick phone-call (and a bit of guitar hero) later and we were on our way

Garreth's legs, Liby, Lenore.

While Lenore didn’t actually do any swimming the rest of us did – I took the car-cam out of the car and managed to snap a few piccies – it’s a pretty shitty camera though.

Took one of myself too – in my new shades!


And of course one of Garreth being Garreth


Afterwards we had the obligitory uncessecarily complicated dinner, although I did manage to talk Dot out of making a roast including eight or so vegetables, and sausage rolls, and salad, and pizza. We just had the sausage rolls, salad and pizza.

And chocolate cake.

And apple and raspberry tart -Ooh. Speaking of tarts (Haha! No, not Lenore), Lenore made this awesome Macadamia and something pie thingo on Saturday night which we ate. It certainly rocked so I’ll be sure to ask her for the recipee and link it if possible.

Then it was home time and I’ve pretty much been blogging ever since. Quick chat to Dave and a bloke from work who’s just returned from overseas – gave him the update on work , but that’s about it.

In blog-land I’m pleased to see Baino has returned and is recovering nicely from her girly-op.

I also discovered another blog today – I Have Things. A 40-something mother in the US talking about things mothery, I guess.

Okay so I dunno how a 25 year old Aussie bloke relates to that but I really enjoy the writing style. Dunno if I’ll link to her pemanantly just yet but it seems like a nice not-yet-discovered web gem.

I still haven’t replaced my tow- hook cover. $160 is looking less and less expensive as time goes on.


One Response to “Weekend Roundup”

  1. Hahaha . . you are an enigma . . you go from nothing to raving lunatic. Nice shades. Pedicures are THE MOST RELAXING thing other than a full body massage. And tarts, bratworst, sausage rolls and pizzar are gonna go straight to the man boobs!

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