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Five days in a row!

Posted in site on November 29, 2007 by kahlerisms

So according to the little calendar thingo – I’ve updated five days in a row!

I reckon this must be some sort of new record – I don’t think I’ve updated as frequently since arkspage 1.0 back in like ’98.
Using my new found motiviation I did a bit of maintenance too. Updated to the latest version of WordPress(2.3.1), made another backup, installed some plugins, did some theme hunting. That kind of stuff.
Unfortunately the wrapping problem still exists in this version – so I have to continue to be aware of it. If I just write what I wanna write in TextEdit though, then paste it in it usually formats properly. I also find the WordPress editing window thingo double spaces…

Maybe it’s an Opera thing. I dunno.

Anyway, incase anyone’s actually reading this I’m trying to keep the content coming. I’ve even already started working on content to post tomorrow. I might even get organised enough to have a content-reserve so I can just login and hit ‘publish’ and all my rants I’ve saved in draft format can be automagically published. That’d be cool.

Ooh – I added a new category too – CarCam. This category will be what I tag upcoming posts which contain pics I take while in the car (and I take a few of either interesting cars, Mercs, or annoying vehicle behavior)

Anyway. That’s all for now I think.


Another Blogroll Update

Posted in geek, site, web on November 29, 2007 by kahlerisms

Lenore, the best girlfriend in the world, recently returned to blogging. It would be amiss of me to not include her blog on my blogroll!

So, welcome Brethred to the blogroll.

Welcome Lost City.

Posted in geek, site, web on November 26, 2007 by kahlerisms

Please welcome Lost City to the blogroll.

From the site: “A running Jeremiad on the vestiges of Old New York as they are steamrolled under or threatened by the currently ruthless real estate market and the City Fathers’ disregard for Gotham’s historical and cultural fabric.”

Fascinating. Almost inspires me to do one for Melbourne 🙂

I added a flickr bar

Posted in geek, site on July 31, 2007 by kahlerisms

It’s HUGE and knocks my search bar way way down.

I could fix the placement, but I dunno how to fix the size so I’m gunna put up with it for now.

Site updates

Posted in site on June 14, 2007 by kahlerisms

So I’ve linked from blogger to here now. I like it here.

I’ve also updated the picture at the top of this page. I like it. I took it myself.

It’s actually the motherboard of my old NES – I fucked with the colours in photoshop to make it a lil trippy.

I like it a lot 🙂

Anyway – still having a bit of trouble with WordPress not wrapping text properly but I’m not sure what’s causing that yet. I’ve tried to demonstrate it with this very line so you guys know what I’m talking about.
Edit: but it wrapped!

I’m also gunna rearrange menu bars a bit – try to make it all a bit more functional 🙂

Welcome to wordpress.

Posted in geek, site on June 6, 2007 by kahlerisms

So this is wordpress. Welcome, I guess, to what is potentially the 10th or so incarnation of arkspage, or more recently: kahlerisms.

WordPress seems to be the shit when compared to previous CMSs I’ve used such as Geeklog.

Ta da!

Still Playing – This might not even still be here come the weekend, but I’ve gotta test this shit anyway 🙂