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Look what the Internet did.

This is either utterly inspiring and amazing, or just fucking scary.


Drunken geeks still making headlines.

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A DRUNK man wearing a bin-liner and a cape attacked the founder of a Jedi church while shouting “Darth Vader”, a court has heard.

The court was told that Jedi church founder and Star Wars fan Barney Jones and his cousin Michael were filming themselves playing with light sabres in a backyard before Hughes jumped over a garden wall.

Hughes had consumed more than half of a 10 litre cask of wine before the attack, the court heard.

The court was told Hughes did not remember the attack until he read about it later in a newspaper, and where the crutch had come from was still a mystery to him.,23599,23586943-13762,00.html

Fucking sensational.

Second worst drivers on the road!

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Holden hoons out-ranked other drivers for their bad habits in a survey of more than 2500 drivers.Motorists were asked to admit to a range of misdemeanours, including talking on a mobile phone, drink-driving, speeding and text messaging.

Mercedes-Benz drivers were the second worst on the road overall, Volkswagen were third and BMW fourth. Ford drivers were fifth.,23599,23567072-2,00.html

I want one of these

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And this post is purely so I don’t need to search Engadget for it again.

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Ikea Lamp

This is good, too.


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I just found this in Photo Booth while I was fucking around looking at old stupid pics of myself.

Fucking gold!